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HX23A/26A/36A Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver

Description of HX23A/26A/36A Series Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver
This series of product is a four-wheeled pile driving machine widely used for highway guardrail post, civil road safety fence installation, farm fence installation etc. It is designed with single diesel cylinder and has become famous among customers in China. This kind of guardrail post driver is available in a maximum drilling depth of 1700mm, a drilling diameter of 300mm and a maximum pile height of up to 2600mm. For more information, please refer to the below specifications:

Item Value Unit
Dimension (L*W*H) 2600*2650*3700 (Working) mm
Dimension (L*W*H) 2600*2250*2550 (Folded) mm
Hydraulic Hammer Model YC230/YC260/YC360
Hydraulic Hammer Work Flow 40-70l/min l/min
Hydraulic Hammer Working Pressure 9-11/11-14/12-15 mpa
Impact Frequency 500-900/400-800/400-800 Bmp
Rod Diameter 68/75/85 mm
Hydraulic Hammer Impact Power 4-7/6-8/7-14 T
Walking Motor Torque (Max.) 1800 Nm
Impact Drill Rotary Motor Torque 800-1800 Nm
Pile Height (Max.) 2600 mm
Mast Route 2000 mm
Drilling Depth 1700 mm
Drilling Diameter 0-300 mm
Angle of Sliding Rail Rack (Left/Right) Left30/right5
Angular Adjustment of Frame (Forwards/Backwards) 0-20
Hydraulic System Pressure 16-20 mpa
Hydraulic System Flow 63-80 ml/r
Gear Pump Flow 40-50 Ml/r
Traveling Speed 5000-12000 M/h
Pulling Speed ≦30000 M/h
Sliding Route (Left/Right) 0-450 mm
Grade Ability 30
Hydraulic Tank 80 L
Diesel Tank 650*300*270 mm
Oil Cooler 500*500*90 mm
Model (Single Cylinder) HX23A-1,2,3,4,5 HX26A-1,2,3,4,5 HX36A-1,2,3,4,5
Weight (Single Cylinder) 2000/2100/2200 KG
Engine Power (Single Cylinder) 28 (20kw)/32 (23kw)/32 (23kw)
Piling Efficiency (Single Cylinder) 1800/200/2300 mm/min

Specification as above is for your reference. For details and optional spare parts, please contact us.
This type of guardrail pile driver is suitable for ramming pile of C shape, H shape, Sigma shape, Square shape and U shape. The other types of piles can be customized upon request.

HX23A/26A/36A Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver

How We Manufacture the Pile Driver

1. Frame Welding
2. Chassis Assembly
3. Frame Assembly
4. Parts Assembly
5. Structure Parts Assembly
6. Painting
7. Testing
8. Details Shown (diesel engine, cooler, operating platform, cabin, anti-skid tyre)
9. Ready for Delivery

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