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Kelly Bar for Chinese Brand Drilling Rig

Xuzhou is a well-known drilling rig kelly bar manufacturer in China, known for our brand name of Hengq. We produce up to 70% of China's drilling rig kelly bars, and supply them to numerous companies, including SANY XCMG, CSR, ZOOMLION and other brand names.

Compared to competitive products on the market today, our kelly bars have a long service life, and come with 24 hour after-sales service from us. We provide accessories, and deliver products quickly, within 3 to 5 days. Our kelly bars are made from high quality steel materials and heat treated steel materials for a high resistance to abrasion and deformation.

    1. XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig Kelly Bar

      We provide interlocking kelly bars and friction kelly bars for XCMG rotary drilling rigs. As a specialized kelly bar supplier, and more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, we have designed our own drilling rig kelly bars to meet XCMG drilling rig usage requirements.

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    1. CSR Drilling Rig Kelly BarCSR is one of our longest partnering companies. CSR drilling rigs use 6 element friction kelly bars and 4 element interlocking kelly bars. According to operation requirements, and the requirements of other joint kelly bar brands, we can create customized, high performance kelly bars for CSR drilling rigs.
    1. Zoomlion Rig Kelly BarKelly bars that support Zoomlion drilling rigs are made using high quality steel materials and heat treated steel materials that have been manufactured using advanced production technology (including a high strength, high abrasion resistance, and reliability). These kelly bars have won outstanding praise from our customers.