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Pile Driver

Pile driver is a mechanical device used to drive piles (poles) into soil to provide foundation support for buildings, roads, bridges, highway, civil constructions or other structures. It is widely used in the area of pile driving or drilling holes for civil construction, highway guardrail installation, screw pile installation for PV power station, pile driving for other sites (such as farm pasture, orchard etc.) and waterway revetment.

We produce pile driving equipment that can post a maximum height of 6000mm and comes with a drilling depth of 3500mm, drilling diameter of 0 to 300mm, single cylinder engine power, double cylinder engine power and four cylinder engine power for your selections. The whole piling machine is available in weights of less than 6 tons and small size for ease of transportation.

Due to our 10 years of construction experience combined with international design conception, we have designed a vast array of piledrivers in the following series: HX23A/26A/36A, HX26D/36D, HXR26D/36D/DZ/DX, HXF26D/36D/DZ/DX and HXM26D/36D/DZ/DX.

    1. HXR Series Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver

      HXR series self-propelled hydraulic pile driver is a kind of mufti-functional pile construction machinery mainly used for solar plant construction. It can work with different configurations to accomplish many operations, such as screw driving, pile ramming, spiral drilling or rotary drilling on the rock and hard layers before piling.

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Advantages of Our Pile Driver
1. Drive system: The diesel engine features reasonable power and superior performance. It provides strong power for construction work. The reliability of power and the fuel efficiency have been improved greatly.
2. Hydraulic system: The superior hydraulic components and scrupulous assembly guarantee high efficiency and durability of the hydraulic system.
3. Appearance design: The overall structure is excellent, and the material fully meets the GB standard. Aside from the advantages of high strength, good stability and an aesthetically pleasing exterior, this piling rig can provide the operator with a more spacious working space.

After-sale Services We Offer
1. We recommend the right machine with best configuration according to your construction condition.
2. Providing all kinds of technical support, such as videos for machine installation and operation.
3. Warranty for 6 months (except the wearing parts and special parts.)
4. Sufficient spare parts inventory for unexpected needs.
5. Reminder service for regular inspection and maintenance that occurs every three months.
6. When you contact us, you can expect to hear from our after-sale service team within the same day, and we will send you required accessories the very evening.
7. If you need someone to be sent to the site the arrival time is 24-36 hours.
8. If you are not satisfied with our after-sale service, you can make a complaint by phone number +86-21-52907908

We have five series pile drivers to choose from to suit your budget and post driving requirements:
HX23A/26A/36A Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver
HX23D/26D/36D Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver
HXR Series Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver
HXF Series Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver
HXM Series Guardrail and Solar Pile Driver

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