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HQR 180D Rotary Drilling Rig

  • General Arrangement, Dimensions and Transportation Dimension

1. Independent intellectual property rights are reserved. This equipment is reliable, economically efficient, environmentally friendly and saves more energy when compared to other traditional rotary drilling rigs.

2. A CAT329D undercarriage and heavy hydraulic telescopic crawler and self-extendable undercarriage ensures a strong stability and flexibility. This makes it ideally suited to narrow jobsite construction requirements.

3. An original CAT EFI engine has a strong power and excellent performance for working in different complicated job sites. The Euro III emission standard engine combined with HQR core technology in the cylinders ensures a stable performance.

4. HQR's patented amplitude cylinder is easy to inspect and maintain, keeping the equipment running perfectly.

Technical Parameter:
Model HQR180D Rotary Drill Rig
Maximum output torque(KN.m) 180
Maximum drilling depth(m) 60
Maximum drilling diameter(mm) 1800
Engine brand CAT
Engine model C-7 EFI
Engine power(KW) 187
Undercarriage model CAT329D
Drilling speed(rpm) 6/28
Traction force(KN) 420
Maximum crowd push force(KN) 180/200
Stroke of sledge(mm) 4500
Main winch pull(1st layer) 190
Main winch wire rope diameter (mm) Φ26
Maximum main winch line speed(m/min) 72
Auxiliary winch line pull(1st layer)(KN) 100
Auxiliary winch wire rope dia.(mm) Φ18
Auxiliary winch line speed(m/min) 62
Overall width in drilling position(mm) 4300/20361
Overall L/H/W transport position(mm) 14559/3000/3507
Total weight (t) 60
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