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HQR 300Z Rotary Drilling Rig

  • General Arrangement, Dimensions and Transportation Dimension

1. The 300Z rotary drilling rig uses dual-line LEBUS grooves to evenly distribute the load between each layer, extending the service life of the steel wire and improving construction safety.

2. The hydraulic system uses an advanced load-feedback technology. The hydraulic liquid is allocated to different parts according to operation requirements. The key parts (pump, motor, valve, pipe and joint) ensure the reliability, and come from internationally known brands.

3. The crawler can adjust between 3,000 and 4,000mm. Customers can increase the counterweight in order to improve the stability and reliability of the machine.

Model HQR300Z Rotary Drilling Rig
Rated. output torque (KN.m) 300
Maximum output torque (KN.m) 300
Maximum drilling depth (m) 90
Maximum drilling diameter (mm) 2500
Engine brand Cummins
Engine model Cummins QSM11 - C400
Engine power (KW) 298
Main pump flow rate (L/min) 2*288
Undercarriage model Special chassis for JVR300
Traction force (KN) 549
Drilling speed(rpm) 6-24
Maximum crowd push force (KN) 185/200
Stroke of sledge (mm) 5500
Main winch pull(1st layer) 290
Main winch wire rope diameter (mm) Φ36
Maximum main winch line speed (m/min) 63.69
Auxiliary winch line pull(1st layer) (KN) 102.68
Auxiliary winch wire rope diameter (mm) Φ20
Auxiliary winch line speed (m/min) 68.71
Overall width in drilling position (mm) 4500/23058
Overall L/H/W transport position (mm) 16900/3000/3500
Total weight (t) 85/90
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