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HQR 360Z Rotary Drilling Rig

  • General Arrangement, Dimensions and Transportation Dimension

1. The main winch includes one roll and double motors to offer a stronger power and higher work efficiency. The large roll and single line layer design prolongs the service life of the steel line. HENGQ's patent roll base prolongs the service life up to 200% when compared to a traditional design.

2. The large triangle design in the bluffing framework keeps the drilling mast's litter distortion and ensures the stability. The high precision drilling mast balance technology ensures the pile quality.

3. A patented pulley in the main winch adjusts automatically to the right position. The rebound force comes from the working process is then effectively released. The usage of the steel rope is prolonged by 30% under the same load because of this.

Model HQR360D Rotary Drill Rig
Maximum output torque(KN.m) 360
Maximum drilling depth(m) 96
Maximum drilling diameter(mm) 2500
Engine brand CAT
Engine model C-13EFI
Engine power(KW) 305
Undercarriage model CAT345D
Traction force(KN) 710
Drilling speed(rpm) 6/24
Maximum crowd push force(KN) 365/365
Stroke of sledge(mm) 10000
Main winch pull(1st layer) 320
Main winch wire rope diameter (mm) Φ36
Maximum main winch line speed(m/min) 65
Auxiliary winch line pull(1st layer)(KN) 120
Auxiliary winch wire rope diameter(mm) Φ20
Auxiliary winch line speed(m/min) 75
Overall width in drilling position(mm) 4400/26288
Overall L/H/W transport position(mm) 22640/3000/3339
Total weight (t) 95
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