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Rotary Drilling Rig

Hengxing Jinqiao Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the design, manufacturing and sales of rotary drilling rigs and kelly bars for construction in China and all over the world. Our HENQ brand HQR series rotary drilling rigs come in a variety of models to meet different application needs. They are listed as follows: HQR160Z, HQR180D, HQR200D, HQR300Z, HQR360D and HQR 400D. The drilling depth ranges from 10 to 150meters, the hole diameter ranges from 70 to 1000mm, and the output torque ranges from 100 to 400KN.m. These rotary drilling rigs are suitable for soil and various rock hardness level structures.

    1. HQR 180D Rotary Driling RigIndependent intellectual property rights are reserved. This equipment is reliable, economically efficient, environmentally friendly and saves more energy when compared to other traditional rotary drilling rigs.
    1. HQR 400D Rotary Drilling RigThe main winch is located at the bottom of the drilling mast to offer an excellent angle for checking line work. The unique design in the roll prolongs the service life of the steel line and enhances the construction safety.
CAT Undercarriage and Up Structure

HENGQ's HQR seres rotary drill rigs have an excellent design concept, a reliable operating system, strong power, and self-extendable undercarriage to ensure the operation even in complicated job sites. A heavy hydraulic telescopic crawler is stable and flexible, ideally suited for narrow job sites. The JVR series rotary drill rig is economic, efficient, environmentally friendly, and features a stable performance.

Power System

The original CAT EFI engine has a strong power and a strong torque. The electrical fuel direct injection turbo intercooler combined with HENGQ's core technology in the electricity system ensures the engine produces strong and stable power in each gear. HENGQ's HQR rotary drill rigs save 10% fuel consumption when compared to the same model of equipment from our competitors, under the same working conditions.

Hydraulic System

The HQR series rotary drill rig uses an international advanced design concept, and uses top internationally known brands for key parts, hydraulic pilots and scale operation. Advanced main and auxiliary hydraulic systems achieve flow allocation and sensitivity loading according to operation demand and the drive function. These features offer a reliable, economic, higher efficiency and save more energy in the construction process.

Electricity System

The key parts in the electricity system come from internationally known brands based in Germany and Finland. Professional construction machinery controllers adjust and control the engine, the pump, main valve, and operation handle work. At the same time, it is efficient, saves energy and gives off no pollution. The unique design in the intelligent inspection system has the ability to check for malfunctions and causes behind the malfunction. A high precision sensor ensures the drill rig's precision measurement and inspects the entire work process.

Drive Device

HENGQ's HQR series rotary drill rig uses a professional rotary table that is equipped with a BONGFIGLIOLI or BREVINI reducer. The heavy damping spring and different kinds of multi-level shock absorption designs guarantee a safe operation.

Construction Method

HENGQ has a professional team to support our customers and assist in selecting the right equipment model. The kelly bar and toll configuration based on the earth's structure and construction requirements are chosen in order to improve working efficiency and avoid damage to the equipment.