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Kelly Bar Accessories

With a decade of experience and expertise backing us, we carry out manufacturing, supply and exportation of a wide variety of kelly bar accessories. Our product catalogue includes terminal joints, drain pallets, rotary drives, damping rubber rings, protective rings, damping springs, pressurizing blocks, swivel kelly bar guides, and kelly bar shock absorbers. Each accessory is equipped and manufactured to top standards to ensure a long service life.

Kelly Bar Accessories
    1. Drain PalletOur kelly bar drain pallets use high quality alloy steel sourced from top suppliers in order to make the drain pallet. The use of this alloy steel means the drain pallet will not easily rust.
    1. Damping Rubber Ring A damping ring effectively protects impacted elements in the kelly bar and drilling rig. Damping rubber rings are manufactured to withstand a high pressure, have a long wear resistance, and prevent impact damage in every section.
    1. Kelly Bar Square AdapterWe have two different sections of square heads for customers to choose from. One is BAUER, and the other is SANY. Bauer square heads have two lifting holes, and SANY has a single lifting hole.
    1. Spring-Type Shock AbsorberA damping spring, or spring shock absorber is available from us in either 3 or 4 circle types for customers to choose from. When compared to others available on the market today, this spring is more flexible and has a better damping impact on the kelly bar.
    1. Pressurizing BlockOur pressurized block uses an imported specially treated steel plate from Germany. With the use of advanced cutting technology, the pressurizing block increases the kelly bar’s wear resistance and leads to a reduce failure rate and maintenance costs.
    1. Kelly Bar SwivelKelly bar swivels are most often used in metal structures, and require only a few bearings to move the rotary drilling rig up and down. The bearings rotate the kelly bar and prevent the steel wire rope from breaking. Swivels are an indispensable part to drilling rigs.
    1. Kelly Lifting EarLifting ears are key components to the smooth operation of a kelly bar. The quality will greatly impact the kelly bar’s normal operation. Ours are manufactured under a bearing force so they will not easily deform and have a strong corrosion resistance.