About Us

For more than 10 years, Xuzhou Hengxing Jinqiao Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has been a trusted name in the drilling rig and kelly bar manufacturing industry. Located in the Tongshan High-tech Development Zone of Xuzhou city in the Jiangsu Province, also known as the capital of Chinese construction machinery production, we have significant advantages for transportation, to make delivery faster and cost less. From the very beginning, we have always striven for quality, development and putting customer needs first. Through constant self-improvement and improvements in the quality of our production management paired with outstanding after-sales services, we have developed into a trusted supplier for auger drill pipes, construction machinery parts, welding parts and non-standard machinery.

About Us
Technological Strength

We have a professional design team, each member of whom is responsible for the design of auger drills, metal structure work, non-standard mechanical development, and the implementation of computer aided design and manufacturing workstation systems. Our designers use AUTO-CAD/PRO-E design software for the development of new products, and strictly carry out APQP and PPAP processes.

Main Products

1. Drilling Rig Kelly Bar
The drill pipe is imported from Germany or a domestic high strength seamless steel pipe manufacturer. We also use a number of internationally advanced manufacturing technologies to give our drilling rig kelly bars their light weight, high strength, excellent wear resistance and reliable quality. Our prices are lower than imported drill pipes. Xuzhou's kelly bars have been paired with Bauer, Soilmec, CMV, matt, IMT, XCMG, Bo Dongming, Sunward, YuTong, SANY, CSR Times and NR model drilling rigs. We manufacture friction kelly bars, interlocking kelly bars, and combined kelly bars for different models and different formation conditions, according to customer requirements. We also provide maintenance services on for different models of the rotary drilling drill pipes in order to meet all customer needs. We also carry accessories, including swivels, rotary drilling rig power heads, square heads, damping springs, and inner and outer keys for rotary drilling rigs and kelly bars.

2. Engineering Machinery Support, Non-Standard Machinery Manufacturing
We provide a wide range of engineering mechanical parts for construction and provide maintenance services to lathes, milling, planning, grinding, boring and welding for design, manufacturing, installation, and traditional equipment. With high quality products and a trusted reputation, we are ready and willing to work with customers to create a better future. We welcome you to our factory!

Company culture

1. Pursuit of high-quality by high-competency, pursuit high quality by high standards: The corporate philosophy of production. We also carry out strict quality tests.
2. Strong technical support is a prerequisite for our products as a leader in machinery field, and we continue to work on technological innovation, relying on technological advantages to create market advantages.
3. In order to create a lower cost our company is committed to large production scale implementation, and promoting enterprise development as a source of power.
4. Our company holds an annual New Year party and reward the outstanding employees. Other activities are sponsored by us to enrich employees' life.

Spiritual culture

Survival Principle: Strive for development through by quality and reputation
Service Tenet: Your demand is our demand
Development Direction: Through continuous technological innovation, we try to build our “hengxing” global brand.

Xuzhou Hengxing Jinqiao Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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