After-Sales Service

Service Tenets
Our after-sales service system is a guarantee to maintain our brand image. We have built an excellent after-sales service system and provide top level services for each product. Our goal is mutual development and perfection for everyone.

Delivery Inspection
When the customer has finished the purchasing process, our service staff will provide maintenance and operation training. The warranty sheet should be faxed to HENGQ.

Regular Checks
We provide routine checks for all products, at 50, 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 hours to ensure equipment is running properly. The service staff will also carry out thorough inspection and repair for the equipment, according to follow-up visits with customers.

Warranty Service
For the service range of all equipment, please refer to the warranty manual. We carry out a 24 hour service principle: we will solve any problem or replace any damaged part within 24 hours. Any problems will be solved completely to ensure secondary repairs are not needed. Service staff will fill out a service report and fax it to the service department within 24 hours.

Parts Inventory
Each dealer will have parts n reserve according to sale conditions. Each part is from HENGQ.

Cross-Region Service
When equipment needs to work in regions out of reach of the designated dealer, the dealer will inform us so that we may make arrangements for another agent or dealer to provide service.

Return Visits
The service staff must establish a detailed customer file, and pay a return visit to the customer each week in order to be updated on equipment condition.

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