1. Model: HQR280D
Project: Bridge in Dongyin Shandong Province
JOB Description:
Depth: 68m
Diameter: 2m
Total time for a pile: 8hours
Geological Reference: refilling soil, silty sand, aleurite, silty clay, clay, abundant underground water
In areas where there is a great deal of underground water, the ground can easily collapse, which is why this drilling rig needs a 10 meter casing. To save job costs, we suggested the customer purchase a casing with 5m length and 2.4m diameter, as well as a casing with 10m length and 2m diameter. We told them to set the casing twice to avoid using the vibrato hammer. The average time for each pile is 14 hours, and set the casing by the rig only.


2. Model: HQR280D
Project: Golmud Qinghai Province
Job Description:
Depth: 40m
Diameter: 1.8-2m
Total time for a pile: 10hours
Geological reference: hard solonchak


3. Model: HQR180D
Project: Department in Linxiang Hunan Province
Job Description:
Depth: 8, 9, 10m, 1.5 meter into the rock
Diameter: 0.8m
Total time for a pile: 1hour
Geological reference: clay, middle weathered rock
This model is ideal for applications where the upper level is clay, and lower lever is rock. This drilling rig must be able to penetrate down 1.5m into the rock. The HQR180D features a high efficiency, and less abrasion of the tooth sits.


4. Model: HQR280D
Project: Department in Shaoyang
Job Description:
Depth: 30m
Diameter: 0.8m, 1m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m with bottom extension
Total time for a pile: 2hours
Geological reference: Slightly weathered rock, and middle weathered rock
This model is ideal for red sandstone at a depth of 7-20m. The diameter can be 800-2000mm, though most rigs we manufacture in this line run about 1800-2000mm, and each of them needs bottom extension: 800mm extends to 1200mm, 1000mm to 1500mm, 1500mm to 2400mm, 1800mm to 3000mm, and 2000mm to 3200mm. Each extension works in the rock, and extends to a large diameter. These machines all do an excellent job to meet customer requirements to their satisfaction.

5. Model: HQR280D
Project: Department in Changning, Hengyang
Job Description:
Depth: 19m
Diameter: 1.6m, 1.8m
Total time for a pile: 4hours
Geological reference: ammolite limestone, and limestone
Customer comments: The HQR280D rotary drilling rig is capable of doing any tough job, and the strong power system is highly efficient.

6. Model: HQR360D
Project: Yueyang

  • 7. Model: HQR280D
    Project: Chongqing
  • 8. Model: HQR280D
    Project: Fujian
  • 9. Model: HQR180D
    Project: Singapore

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